Saturday, August 20, 2016

How to make Money with Android (Whaff Rewards App)

Earn Money from internet is now more easier, one of the way is using Android Application “Whaff Rewards” that already available on Google PlayStore
All mobile phones or tablets that are already using the Android operating system can install “Whaff Rewards” Application

The steps for using Whaff Rewards is very easy :
– Download “WHAFF Rewards” Application in Google Playstore
– Log-in on Facebook in WHAFF Application

After log in on facebook, insert the invitation code ( BH88956 )
(This Invitation code is to instantly get a Free $ 0.30 for the first time)

Choose Whaff Picks and Premium Picks Menus then do the given tasks
Screenshot_2015-01-26-15-58-45Screenshot_2015-01-26-16-29-21– If the reward has reached $ 10 or more, can be exchanged with some gift cards or can be transferred to a Paypal Account
(Minimum value of exchange depends on the condition given in each reward)
Screenshot_2015-01-26-16-29-34following the evidence I’ve done redeem my rewards
Screenshot_2015-01-26-16-29-15That’s all about Whaff application that I can share, may be helpful for friends who are trying to gain money through the Internet

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